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Zhejiang Zehow Law Firm

General Profile


Zhejing Zehow Law Firm ("Zehow"), supported by Zhejiang Gongshang University, was set up in 2008. With high proficiency in law and a working team consists of 102 individuals, Zehow is always ready and waiting to provide best service for his clients. An abundance of legal research and practicing experience in various fields cast "Zehow Today" as a full-service law firm with prominence.

Zehow is a member of National Association of Financial Market Institutional Investors, Zhejiang Equities Exchange Centre (ZEEC). Meanwhile, Zehow also has been awarded the qualification as insolvency administrator by Zhejiang High People's Court, and trademark registration by Trademark Office of The State Administration For Industry & Commerce of P.R.C..

So far, Zehow has set up branches (offices) in Lishui, Yiwu, and Hangzhou Economic-Technological Development Area.

Qualifications and Background of Lawyers

Zehow's Lawyers are all brilliant and experienced practitioners, among whom over 40 lawyers are legal experts, over 20 lawyers graduated as doctor of laws from prestigious universities, nearly 20 lawyers have been abroad for further education.

Professor and lawyer Hu Jianmiao, Director of The Academic Department of Chinese Academy of Governance, Former President of Zhejiang University and Zhejiang Gongshang University, holds the post of Honorary Director of Zehow. Professor and doctor Tan Shigui , who has ever been President of Hainan University, Deputy Secretary General of the Standing Committee of Hainan People's Congress, is the Director of Academic Committee in Zehow. Professor and lawyer Kong Qingjiang, Dean of School of Transnational Law in China University of Political Science and Law, Former Dean of School of Law in Zhejiang Gongshang University, takes the office of Director of Management Committee of Zehow. Hu Jianmiao, Tan Shigui, Kong Qingjiang also serve as expert consultants for Zhejiang High People's Court.

Zehow's legal service is based on a broad and deep foundation of knowledge, since many of our lawyers have other professional qualifications in addition to their law licenses, including Securities Practice Qualification, Certified Public Accountants, Patent / Trademark Agents, and Bidding Agents, etc. Additionally, many Zehow's lawyers can conduct work for clients in English, German, French, Japanese, Cantonese, etc.

Main Practice Areas

Litigation & Arbitration
Zehow's litigation and arbitration team is capable of tackling matters ranging from civil, criminal, labor to administrative, from domestic to international. Based on our expertise and experience, we own the capacity to recognize the focus of controversy that involved, and are familiar with all procedures for various litigations and arbitrations. We are always doing our utmost to take advantage of everything in reasonable ways to safeguard the rights of our clients, and maximize their interests.

Perennial Legal Counsel
In order to offer our clients best legal service, Zehow's lawyers put much emphasis on teamwork, and cooperate with each other in the most efficient way. By combining our expertise with the specific condition of our clients, we provide responsible, effective, professional legal analysis in a timely way, so that problems may be resolved as soon as possible. In addition, to provide our clients with effective legal protection during their daily operation is one of our goals as well.

Zehow's corporate practice is one of our primary fields of work. We have 10 lawyers in the practice group, who work on a wide variety of corporate matters, including advising on mergers and acquisitions (M&A), assisting clients in establishing a practical corporate governance structure for their China entities, and providing general corporate advice on legal and regulatory matters.

Civil & Commerce
Tackling cases concerning civil and commercial affairs is a traditional practice of Zehow. We handle hundreds of litigations and non-litigation cases, including an abundance of complicated and influential cases. Zehow's comprehensive team of Civil & Commerce consists of many brilliant professionals and talents, who are capable of offering specialized legal service to a variety of clients.

Foreign Investment & International Trade

  • Foreign Affairs Perennial Counsel
    Take post of perennial counsel for import and export corporations, foreign-owned enterprise, etc., to provide legal service in the field of international investment and trade.
  • Foreign Investment
    Zehow provides legal assistance in designing investment programs, including incorporation of effective exit strategies; corporate governance structure; customs procedures; import/export of equipment and products; foreign exchange matters; trans-national investment projects; projects negotiations, etc.
  • International Trade
    Zehow's Lawyers can competently guide enterprises through: establishment of a sound credit risk management system; national and international economic and , general documents; litigation and/or non-litigation settlement of trade disputes.
  • Maritime
    Zehow has engaged in international shipping, port management, shipping management, general average dealings, maritime insurance claims, ship mortgages and other maritime legal matters, and has extensive experience in maritime litigation and non-litigation practice.

Real Estate & Construction
The team of real estate and construction in Zehow owns the ability to provide legal service concerning the development, construction, transaction of real estate and property service. All the client we have served think highly of our professional assistance.

  • Early Stage Development of Real Estate
    We are experienced in: feasibility studies of project, construction planning, state land-right sale and transfer, land acquisition, demolition and relocation compensation, all kinds of business bidding, survey and design, building construction, materials and equipment procurement, engineering insurance and claims, engineering acceptance and warranty, settlement and appraisal of price, and renovation matters.
  • Real Estate Sales/leasing and property service
    • Legal service concerning transaction, leasing, registration and mortgage of real estate;
    • To draft, negotiate, review the contracts and legal documents arise from transactions of real estate;
    • To give lectures on significant or latest laws and regulations;
    • To assist clients in other matters concerning different activities about real estate.

Intellectual Property
Zehow's intellectual property team owns many lawyers who are also patent agents or trademark agents. We focus not only on some ordinary fields, but also on many new-sprouted enterprises such as internet, biology and chemicals, telecom, culture and media, and so forth.

  • Intellectual Property Perennial Counsel
    • To assist enterprises in establishing systems of IP protection and mechanism of dispute resolution;
    • To conduct due diligence;
    • To act as the client's agent for patent and trademark applications, reexamination, invalidation, registration of copyrights and Well-known Trademarks, as well as the archival filing of intellectual property with customs.
    • To review the legitimacy of trademark use, make assessments on risk
  • Computer Software & Other Advanced Technology
    • To provide legal advice on dispute of domain name and IP on Internet;
    • Registration and archival filing of computer software;
    • Investigation on IP idrnfringement.
  • International Cooperation for IP Protection

Since many lawyers of Zehow are also certified accountants, we can provide our clients with legal advice on tax affairs, participate in the arrangement of finance and tax, and assist in tackling controversy on tax.

The service includes:

  • Tax Perennial Counsel
  • Tax planning
  • To draft or review documents, and take part in tax affairs hearing
  • To provide trainings on knowledge of Tax Law

Zehow's team of administrative law is constructed by over 40 legal experts who not only do deep research in the field of administrative legal service, but also entertain practical experience as many of them take post of legal counsel for governments or member of legislature.

  • Perennial Legal Counsel
    • To provide governments and ministries with professional legal advice;
    • To act as the government's agent to draft and sign contracts;
    • To assist governments in carrying out legal publicity and education.
  • Administrative Proceedings & Reconsideration
  • Advice on Legislation

Legal Risk Management

  • Legal Risk Research
    The legal risks facing different organizations may involve various aspects of legal regulations, different subject matter, and legal circumstances. Different market and business behavior will stir up different legal risks. Zehow can offer the service of due diligence and legal research in particular field for enterprises to figure out satisfactory resolutions to problems associated with legal risk.
  • Legal Risk Management
    According to the project of all-round legal risk management, Zehow's professionals can make a systemic recognition and evaluation for enterprises, and also can take the developing aim, current condition and original system of the enterprise in to consideration when customizing a comprehensive resolution program. The program is an optimization of the management system, management procedure and text setting. It integrates legal risk management in to enterprise management that upgrades efficiency and effects for both legal risk management and enterprise management.
  • Discipline on Legal Risk Management
    For enterprises unfamiliar with legal risk management, Zehow can provide them with a full set of training including theory, concepts, etc. Such training will intensify the consciousness of risk prevention. In addition, Zehow can also provide guidance regarding experience and technique for improving and completing the system of legal risk management for enterprises.


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